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The Friendly Freezer

The Friendly Freezer is an outreach project that provides frozen meals to food-insecure members of the community while simultaneously reducing food waste. 


In collaboration with our community partner, Meals on Main Street, we recover excess food from several grocery stores, bakeries, and farms. After recovery, we assemble and distribute ready-to-eat meals to our local freezers. These freezers, strategically placed in churches, temples, schools, and community centers, act as mini-hubs that concretely and positively impact the surrounding community. These frozen (nutrient-filled) meals are delivered by volunteers from the local community.  


While the Friendly Freezer Initiative lacks the anonymity of a traditional community fridge, the project serves those who are “in a pinch.” The Friendly Freezer is geared toward those who are food insecure, as well as people unable to provide a meal for their families due to illness, family emergency, or scheduling challenges.

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